The Disappearing Act


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After blogging about how I’d keep up writing and continue posting I completely dropped out of the blogsphere. It wasn’t intentional but I think I’ve been undergoing some kind of transformation process, at least that’s what I’m calling it.

Life is officially in normal mode. I’m back to being a student, trying juggle study, motherhood, work and general life..and for a while there, I’d lost my inspiration to write.

But I’ve thrown myself back into the arms of an old love…photography, and inspiration is returning.

So while the writing has been put in the backseat for a little, I’ve been letting the lens do the talking…and right now, I feel its speaking louder than any words I can muster up. I’m forever starting things with full enthusiasm only to abandon it part way down the track…I’m always looking for change.

So, I may turn this blog into some sort of photographic diary or I may start another one just to record my visual ideas. I don’t know yet.

But in the meantime, I’ll leave a photo that better reflects my shifting feelings.

When the wind changes direction so does the face of the dunes

When the wind changes direction so does the face of the dunes.
Photo by GlobeCruisingMama

Peace out 🙂